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Laravel Livewire: An Overview

All web developers will love to reap the benefits of a popular, free, and open-source PHP web framework called “Laravel Livewire”. It is a software tool that comes into a complete package for the developers to create a dynamic and interactive user interface. In addition, it uses Symphony and Zend-based frameworks and does not use complex Javascript. So, it is easy for the user code to interact with the server without the web redirects. Further, the source code used for Laravel is MIT-licensed and primarily hosted on GitHub.

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A livewire is an upgraded version of Laravel, which is completely replaced by PHP-based web coding (earlier both PHP & JavaScript). Continuing with the Laravel version history, it was initially launched as a beta version on June 9, 2011(Laravel 1.0). Its most recent and updated version(Laravel10) is now on February 14, 2023 (for a maximum of 8 months of duration).

Quick View:

With the Laravel Livewire software tools and packages. You may equip your website development with a PHP-based framework and Livewire real-time presence & controls for every activity. Easy set-up steps to follow: Laravel project creation> Easy Livewire installation> Livewire component and logic creation> Create add component view> Finally, updating functionality.

Complete set-up Procedures – Laravel Livewire

Now, proceeding towards the easy set-up procedures, a beginner can follow the steps below. For this, you need to set up a Laravel project first, then proceed with the further installation of PHP-based commands. Here is a stepwise exoplanetary guide:

  • Laravel project creation

Now, before we could proceed with the easy set-up process of Laravel, the first step was to create a Laravel project as per your project demands.

composer create-project –prefer-dist laravel/laravel livewire-example

  • Installing Livewire

Installation Command:-

composer requires livewire/livewire

Now we can use code on the common page:-

For style:- @livewireStyles

for scripts:- @livewireScripts

  • Livewire component and logic creation

After the successful installation commands, you may initiate post-component creation by following the below steps:

Now create a Post component.

use command:-

php artisan make: livewire post

After the above command, you can see the livewire folder in

app/Http and resources/views folder.


For logic creation, please follow the steps below

namespace App\Http\Livewire;

use Livewire\Component;

class DateTime extends Component
public $time;

public function mount()
$this->time = now();

public function render()
return view(‘’);

  • Create component view

Now, to add the component view, we can follow the below coding steps:

The current date and time is {{ $time }}

  • Functionality Updating

The final turn is to complete the updation process of functionality, i.e., time, date, etc. Here is some simple coding that will make your hectic work easy and accessible.

public function updatedTime()
$this->time = now();

@livewire(‘date-time’, [‘updateTime’ => true])

Finally, after following the simple coding steps, the livewire gets fully operational with PHP-based components. And a beginner developer can identify the further web-development needs as per the project’s requirements and do the precipitous coding work.

How effective is Livewire Real Time Presence?

Now, it’s time to take complete control of your online projects. Well, want to know how it works via Livewire Real-Time Presence? Monitor your website presence by using the Livewire commands(Volt component, middleware, etc.). In addition, streamline the content views and viewers to reduce the hectic activity and required upgrades for your project handling. Yes, it is possible with highly intuitive command set-ups to easily track your web page’s live stats and the modifications made by the users( viewers and editors, etc.). Here are some of the steps to follow for further consideration:

For middleware:-

php artisan make:middleware LogUserActivity.

For Volt;-

php artisan makes:volt liveusers.

A livewire real-time presence can easily track the website’s development and your project’s live stats. In addition, due to its secure functionality, it is easily becoming popular among many front-end and back-end developers to quickly build highly dynamic user interfaces.

Features- Laravel Livewire

Any web developer can find this platform easy and worth taking advantage of with its upcoming upgrades and latest version features. So, let’s just quickly go through its main features that segregate with the functionality phenomenon:

  1. Encrypted and Secure software tool: The coding mechanism follows the associated encryptions and is easily managed by its secure components. In addition, any modifications are accessed safely by both the server and client sides. It includes the Checksum and other highly-secure framework’s components. 
  2. Follows MVC Architecture Frameworks: Its Model-View-Controler manages the architectural/design pattern via its three core logical components: Model, View, and Controller. In addition, you can isolate its functional components for business logic, Ul logic, and input logic. Morever, it includes multi-functionalities like URL mapping, Test Driven Development (TDD), and many others. The famous MVC frameworks are Laravel, Django, Zend Framework, and much more. 
  3. PHP templating engines: It is followed by a PHP-friendly templating engine called “Blade”. In addition, it supports Blade directives, HTML entity encoding, displaying data, and many others.

{{– Blade template –}}

<!– HTML output –>

Blade is operated using the components like Rendering Components, Passing Data To Components, Reserved Keywords etc. 

4. Eloquent ORM (Object-Relational Mapping): It is the default framework under Laravel. Also, it facilitates PHP development, database management, and other website development needs.

Why is the Laravel Livewire package so popular?

The Laravel frameworks make it simple to customize web applications. And make quick adjustments in today’s fast-paced and highly technological world. In addition, for your quick and hassle-free technical demands, you can choose the whole package of a Laravel livewire as a novice developer. Here are some of the reasons, why a beginner techie should go for it:

  • Laravel comes with highly advanced and added-functionality packages, that can create smart web apps and UIs.
  • A new Livewire developer will find it a safe and secure software tool. In addition, it uses its Livewire components like the checksum and persistent middleware.
  • This helps in creating high-quality and professional entity codes (blogs, journals, etc.).
  • A beginner can easily understand its basic codes. Further, with its easy practices by using the Laravel components, they can create highly creative web requirements.

Overall, we can easily identify your web development needs. Further, can promptly adhere to the next level of web-auto upgrades by using the Laravel Livewire packages.

Final words

Finally, to conclude here, Laravel Livewire is an open-PHP-based framework that identifies the required website upgrade needs. In addition, any creative and highly appealing, dynamic user interface will be created miraculously. By choosing the livewire Laravel packages, you can visualize the overall web controls and track the recent activities of your users. Hopefully, the beginners will get enough ideas by following this highly-explanatory info shared via this blog.

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