Top 29 Laravel and PHP Blogs you Must Follow

top 29 laravel and php blogs you must follow


With the emerging technology updates, the website development parameters are also developing a new space for updates, troubleshooting, and overcoming programming issues. In addition, multi-PHP and other coding-sourced frameworks have been introduced into a loophole. Consequently, this has also invited the new tech bloggers to share their valuable ideas.

However, we can entirely rely on the most demanding and advanced technologies for website development: Laravel and PHP. Further, for new ideas, web developers should read the shared and incredibly informative Laravel and PHP blogs consistently. As a result, the coders can use their tricks and offer quality coding for professional coding proficiency.


Blogs Top 29- Laravel and PHP Framework

Moving towards some of the informative and easy-to-understand Laravel and PHP Blogs, that authors had shared for enhancing the website visibility with its front-end development.

  • Andreas Möller’s blog

Andreas Möller is an enthusiastic PHP developer who has written numerous articles to troubleshoot PHP programming issues and has shared many relevant points over the PHP documentation and updates. In addition, you will be introduced to different PHP plugins like Makefile support, PHPStan, Psalm, Generics, NEON support, PHP annotations, and much more to get an idea of creative web developments.

  • Christoph Rumpel’s blog

Christoph is an eye-opening techie who has shared his valuable knowledge in every aspect of functional API’s for Laravel. He also runs his courses for new web developers to maximize their web-coding knowledge in the domain of Laravel livewire and PHP via blogs and (audio & video)courses.

  • Frank de Jonge Blogs

Frank has also been actively participating in PHP packages to introduce the programming languages. He has shared valuable thoughts on PHP commands like array de-structuring, directory check functionalities, PHP fly systems, and much more.


To get the latest information and easy tricks on the Laravel, PHP, and JavaScript programming languages, Freek has shared many tips to enhance web development.

  • Laravel Daily

Here you will go through the complete Laravel ecosystem and Artisan’s guide, as well as explanations on filtering, formatting, and transforming data.

  • Laravel News

It is a Laravel programming updates platform, where you will get the relevant blogs on the Laravel version updates, Symphony, PHP, and other framework commands.

  • 24x7remotesupport

If you are a confused new web developer and want to learn all the web parameters for Laravel and PHP basics. You must read the code-centric blogs here. At 24x7remotesupport, you will be redirected to all the relevant blogs for the appealing UI’s generation via the Laravel and PHP-based programming commands.

  • Matthias Noback’s blog

Matthias Noback the author has written numerous blogs on Laravel, Symfony framework, and PHP and he is a successful writer, trainer, and web developer.

  • Tim MacDonald’s blog

Here, you will be introduced to Laravel’s lazy loading preventions, eloquent road, and relationship, Laravel’s queueing system, and similar components in Tim MacDonald’s recent blogs.

  • Stitcher

Now, proceedings with another famous blog shared over the PHP versions and the states can make the web development to a miraculous level. Web development is not an easy task, but with the streamlined process of PHP commands in different versions, update has made it easy.

  • Amit Merchant

He is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic blog writer, who has covered almost every rarest topic and composition over Laravel, Fibers in PHP components, and JavaScript varacity. So, it is a must-read web development blog.

  • Tutsplus

This blog platform easily gives a big idea over the PHP and HTML combination. In addition, you will be going through the different tutorials over the PHP APIs like session variables, file upload, and similar others.

  • Zend

On this website, you will get enough information regarding the PHP blogs. It includes the latest features and versions of PHP, its performance, depreciation, and similar others.

  • Cloudways

Everything is included here in top-tier and secure web hosting, whether it is a PHP-based performance or Laravel updates, you will get a perfect solution here.

  • Ryan Chandler

Ryan Chandler has discussed different PHP package that includes Lexical, Esolang, templating engines, and many others. If you want a deep knowledge of all languages of PHP, you can invest in reading and packages of PHP.

  • Sebastian Bergmann

He is a co-founder and creator of the PHP unit and PP open tracker. So, it is a must-read blog to enhance your web development skills.

  • OpenLampTech

Joel Clermont has shared his precious experience and knowledge based on different PHP development along with Zend Framework. So, you can go through his blogs to enhance your knowledge and skills in web development.

  • Honeybadger

You must read the blogs here for PHP- object-oriented programming for rare web developments.

  • Doeke Norg

You can read all the latest blogs on PHP units, linking data structures, visitor patterns, and much more.

  • JustSteveKing

He is a web consultant, Software Engineer, and Developer Advocate, his passion is also as a Conference Speaker in the field of Laravel CI with GitHub Actions.

  • Filament

The authors shares here on different Filament framework to easy understand to the new developers.

  • Symfony

Get all the latest updates on Symfony versions, features, and other info at this blog website.

  • JetBrains

Know all the PHPstorm web development ideas through this blog website and improve your web development skills.

  • Aaron Francis

He is an intelligent software developer and shared his experiences in Open source software i.e. Laravel, PHP, and others.

  • David Carr

He is writing very informative blogs on Modular- Laravel Modules, PHP Storm, and similar others. So, you can easily learn all the components for Laravel and PHP workshops to enhance your programming work.

  • Web Artisan

Again with the authors choice, get in the world of PHP web application framework and web development games. It will create expressive, web-development with elegant syntax.

  • Beyond Code

Get a complete go-through of Laravel Eloquent, process facade in Laravel upgraded versions, open components, and much more.

  • PHP The Right Way

Get started here with all the upgraded tools and components in PHP programming. It includes databases, documenting your code, virtualization, and the list continues.

  • PHPStan

You can read many latest blogs for PHPStan and its premium features in a premium package. In addition, all relevant blogs will help in beautifully designing and upgrading the web UI.


Finally, after going through the valuable and knowledgeable aspects shared by several blog writers. A newcomer in website development can gain enormous breakthroughs in Laravel and PHP frameworks and can enhance web development faster. In addition, blog creators can easily configure the required PHP and other similar commands to overtake the professional proficiency of web projects.


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